Crafting the magical life you deserve for all you

pagan altar needs, delivered to your door.

Our Story

We are a small, Pagan Family run business based in rural Cornwall. The idea came about one day when whilst looking for items for my Altar I couldn't settle on anything I liked.

So, I made my own items, candle sticks, plaques and my wand. When friends saw them they also wanted me to make some for them, from that we started a page on Facebook and we are now posting around the World! Making these items light my Soul and being able to make them for you is a Blessing. Each item is made with love and light out of material found already given by Mother Nature. No trees are harmed in this business! Please, take some time to look at our wares and see what call to you. If you can't see something you are searching for please contact us as we do take commissions


At Crafting magic  we take pride in seeking out strictly organic, natural and safe ingredients that are not readily available on the high-street.  All wood used in our wands and dip pens is collected  from the woodlands local to us , "none is cut from any trees" .  Our products are carefully sourced from various  suppliers and many of the items are hand made  We pride ourselves  on our friendly service, we try our best to meet all our customers needs and requirements. Both within our group and on our online store .

Please look out for our many handmade and unique  magical items most you will not find anywhere else .


We can also make  custom items  to order, or even personalise some of the items, so if you have something in mind please contact us and I will do our  best to get it made for you.


Whether you are just beginning your spiritual path, or you have been practicing for years, we hope that you will enjoy using our website and being part of the ever growing Wiccan and Pagan community.


If you have Any questions please feel free to contact me